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Do you know a local hero who has honorably served or currently serving as a Police Officer, Fire Fighter, Emergency Response, Medical and or Military?

Nominate your hero to enjoy a stress free day out on the lake with their family.

We offer quality experiences for your hero and their families. We understand the stresses these heroes go through on a day to day basics and how important family is. We provide the boat, gas, beverages, equipment, support staff and allow the heroes to spend quality time with their family on the water. Whether they want to casually cruise around the lake, chill while the kids are pulled on a tube or want to try out wakesurfing or wakeboarding, we have you covered. We also have specialized equipment available to any amputees or individuals with disabilities. We are here to provide them a stress-free, fun family time, while enjoying time away from the stressors that life tends throw their way. 

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